Sunday 5 September 2010

Using up Scraps

As a crafter I am loathed to throw away any offcuts and have a desk littered with bits and pieces.  Yesterday I spent a quiet afternoon amongst these bits and pieces and altered several notebooks.  The notebooks I used cost 11p at Wilkinsons and I bought loads of them with this in mind.  I thought it may be interesting to show you what I did.

Firstly I lined the edges and over the back with double sided sticky tape:

 Then I covered it with an off cut of paper (this is some stuff I bought in Paperchase and I love it)

I then used some more scraps I'd found when I moved my craft stuff recently.  I'd got a small piece of woven stuff and a die cut square I'd had as a freebie.  I used a small heart stamp to stamp and emboss onto an even smaller scrap of the paper and cut them out.

Once I'd done all that I just layered them up in a way that pleased the eye.  I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.

I spent the rest of the afternoon messing about with bits of ribbon, beads, some old Disney stickers I'd never used and some bits of scrap paper.  The green check pattern that I used below is a backing card from a set of polymer stamps (I told you I don't throw anything away).  I use offcuts of card on the inside cover to cover up any bits of ribbon or stuff I've folded under.  It's a good idea to do it anyway as it stiffens the flimsy paper. 

I thought it would be good to share the idea as a possible fund raiser for any Christmas fairs that are coming up.  Use up all your scraps and raise funds for whatever cause for very little outlay.

Here are some more of yesterday's efforts.

I hope you like them.  Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x