Monday 2 February 2015

It's all too easy to dream

Wow, get me!  Blogging more than once in twelve months!  It'll never last.  I'm always much more interested in making my cards than photographing and uploading them.  However, due to the recent spell of inclement weather I found I was spending more time at my desk than I was getting ideas for.  Now this is usually an excuse to spend hours on end on Facebook and Pinterest - well, more hours on end than the usual ones. As this was the case I decided to upload some photos and get them on my Facebook page (which also gets woefully neglected, hence only 62 likes at the time of posting).  One of my recent makes did make me smile and I hope it will make you smile too.

The image can be found here at Make it Crafty.  It made me smile because my blog isn't the only thing that gets neglected in favour of crafting.  Unfortunately, I have a pile of ironing you would need Sherpas to get to the top of.  I bought the backing papers with this stamp in mind but I don't think it really made much difference as you can't really see the surf boards on it.  I will admit to never having surfed - nor have I ever really wanted to as most days I can fall over on solid ground never mind anything else.  Patrick did have a couple of lessons in his younger days though.

Not a brilliant photo but it was the best I could find.

Thanks for reading

Love Dawn x