Saturday 1 November 2014

Getting Krafty

Normally I'm a straightforward white or cream card sort of Girl.  I rarely use coloured cardstock - although I have tonnes of it.  My style is pretty easy to spot.  I like to stitch a border.  If I stamp an image I almost always cut it out and give it dimension with silicone glue.  I never make a one layer card and even my clean and simple cards take some doing but I fancied a change.

Now I am a bit of a blog stalker and I do have favourite blogs that I swoon over regularly.  I get jealous of how other card makers can make a clean and simple card which appears so effortless and when I try it it just looks unfinished.  One of my all time favourite blog crushes has to be The Tiny Blue Butterfly .  Jen Nelson's cards are awesome and I'd love to be as talented as she is. I love the way she stamps onto Kraft cardstock and it always looks effective.  I really liked a card she created in September for her post Goodbye Old Friend .  It was so simple but I loved it and it inspired me to try something a little bit 'not me'.

OK, technically it's not a real one layer card because I added buttons and paper pieced the ribbon and tag but it is clean and simple.

And I know it's 'not me' because Patrick came in and saw it and asked me if I'd bought it!  Oh can you imagine the shame - me buying a card! OK, so I will admit to buying one for my nephew earlier this month but that was my mother's fault for not reminding me in time.  She knows I'm rubbish at remembering important things like that and a card for a 19 year old lad is not something I can shove together at the last minute.  If you know anyone that can let me know and, if they have a blog, I'll gladly stalk that one too.

Thanks for Reading

Love Dawn x

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Growing up is optional

I am afraid I have been seriously neglecting this blog - I have to admit to preferring crafting to blogging.  However, I had a lovely comment from a reader recently and they have encouraged me to carry on.

My crafting goes in stages as I obsess with one style after another.  Sometimes it's decoupage, sometimes die cutting and sometimes stamping - both digital stamps and normal stamps.  At the moment my current obsession is digistamps and I have purchased several recently.  One of my favourite companies has got to be Dr Digi's House of Stamps .  They aren't really your usual cute and cuddly (of which I have many) and I've found them a refreshing change.  My current favourite is Mobility Malcolm .

I know that growing old is something that we all have to do, and I'm far too close to a big birthday to be kidding myself.  However, I don't intend to go down without a fight.  My intention is to grow old disgracefully and I'd like to think that Malcolm feels the same way.

Here is what I did with him, I hope you like it:

Incidentally, I found Dr Digi's whilst looking for a Basket Ball image for Patrick's birthday this year and, as promised, I did find out what colours Miami Heat played in.

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x