Sunday 24 March 2013

My Baby Boy is all Grown Up

Well, if anything is going to make me feel my age it'll be my teenage son - who enjoyed yet another birthday this week. And, as this was the case, I would have to come up with a suitable birthday card with which to impress him.  That shouldn't be a problem, he's a sporty type and a typical teenager.  However, I've pretty much covered all the cricket based card images over the years (Patrick's a wicket keeper for one junior and two local senior sides).  So, what other options did I have?

What you have to realise is that we aren't a typical British sporting family (apart from cricket, obviously).  We don't do football in our house...well not the British sort anyway.  We're American football fans.  Both my boys (husband and son) are Seattle Seahawk fans.  Myself, I'm a New Orleans Saints fan.  Sunday nights, during the season, can be very interesting in our house!  Especially the Sunday night a while back when their team knocked my team out of the playoffs.

Anyway, I figured this year I would have to try an American Football card and I knew just the image to do it with.  Bugaboo Digistamps have a fabulous American Football Kid so it had to be done.  This is the result done in Seattle Seahawk playing strip colours

I'm still getting used to colouring with Promarkers.  What do you think?

How am I doing?

Needless to say, my son was really pleased with it.  He was even more pleased with the Russell Wilson players jersey he got for his present (even though it's in the away strip colours).

Here's what he looked like at 5.30am on his birthday

Oh, he also likes Basketball so his other present was tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  I wonder...maybe next years card?  What colours do Miami Heat play in?

Thanks for reading

Love Dawn x