Saturday 9 October 2010

Paper Piecing

I have decided to try something different on a card this week.  I tend to stamp and colour my images and the only variation on that theme comes when I decide to cut around the said image and decoupage it.  The image that I used was one I picked up from the Free Digital Stamps site quite a while ago.  I think the link took me to 'the Frugal Cafe'. I instantly fell in love with the image - which is a bit different from the cute stuff you get on digital stamp sites.  However, I was stuck as to how to colour it.  My colouring is a long way from perfect and I really didn't think I could make the stamp look as good as I knew it could be.  The answer, I thought, would be to attempt to Paper Piece.

I started by printing the stamp onto ordinary white card (I did it twice just in case it didn't go to plan).  I also printed out a backing paper (from a set I bought at Crafts u Print).  I then put the backing paper back through my printer and printed the stamped image again (make sure it's the same size as the one printed on white card).

I used a complimentary blue ink to stipple around the dress image on the blank card and painted in the swirls with the same blue ink.

With the image printed on the backing sheet I cut around the dress.

I then added glue to the back of the dress (I used a glue stick so it wouldn't seep through and ruin the backing paper) and added the piece to the stippled image.

It turned out to be the simplest technique and I'm really pleased with the result.

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x