Sunday 27 March 2016

It Nearly had a New Home...

...In the bin!  You have no idea of the agony this card has given me this week.  It's daft really as I had it all planned out in my head.  I was even pleased with how it turned out when I'd coloured it but when it came to putting it together things got heated.  I'd chosen my paper before I coloured everything so it would co-ordinate.  Then I realised that my image was bigger than I thought so I had to find some other paper to correspond so I could make my square bigger.  I hid the join with the first set of ribbon but I realised that it wouldn't go across the front without looking odd and the second set got lost behind so I've got one of each.  Then I messed up the matting (OK, so that's not really unusual for me - I just binned the first mat and started again).  Then came the sentiment.  What fun!  I tried stamping it - the letters were too wide apart.  I tried transfers - the colour got lost on the cloud.  I decided to print it...and an hour later we were in business.  I really miss my old printer.  You could put scraps of odd shaped paper in and it would print, what bliss!  I only wanted a small sentiment so I decided to use an A5 sheet so I didn't waste so much card.  I can't print A5 without changing my settings on both the computer and the printer.  Then I tried feeding it in the manual slot so I didn't have to empty my paper tray.  That's when the jam happened.  To be fair it was only one jam.  However, my printer disagreed.  I've had all the slots and covers open...several times.  I've had help off the Internet.  I've switched it on and off, twice!  I did everything but get on my knees and pray - and that was next on my list - when it suddenly decided to play ball.  In the end, rather than risk it, I printed on A4.

Don't look for the red ink thumb print I found before uploading the photo.  I'd had enough by then.  Anyway, here's the card

And here is this weeks sketch at From the Heart Stamps

I flipped it upside down and used a rectangle instead of the oval.  I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading and have the rest of a Blessed Easter

Love Dawn x


  1. Super cute card!

    Thank you for playing along with us at From The Heart Stamps!


  2. Wonderful card! Thanks for entering I {heart} card sketches with a tWist - hope to see you again next time!

  3. Fun card - great masculine card! Thanks for joining the challenge at From the Heart Stamps this week!

  4. If you hadn't told us your tale, I would have never guess cause the end result is so cute and fun! Glad you hung in there. Thanks for playing along with us at From the Heart Stamps sketch challenge!