Monday 1 April 2019

Sorry Mamma, it had to be done.

The new challenge over at Make my Monday is very appropriate for April Fool's Day.  It's my turn to choose the subject and the winners (so please enter or I'll have  nothing to pick) and I came up with 'Something Humorous'.  

I did think long and hard before deciding to post this for my card as I wasn't sure that you'd understand why I created it or why it is so funny to me.  Anyway, here is my explanation.

Last year we lost my Grandma, Mamma B.   We where blessed to have had her for so many years and she was 101 when the Lord chose to take her home.  She was such an influence on me and my family and I was lucky enough to share the care with my sisters for the last few years of her life.  She had an amazing sense of humour and was definitely a bit of a one.  Believe it or not we finally got to meet her 'boyfriend' at her funeral and he was lovely.  She used to hold his hand at lunch club!  Anyway, as you get older you tend to have less control over some of your bodily functions and one of the things that I remember is how she would be walking along on her frame and she would just fart!  Well, when you are 101 farting is as funny as when you were 6.  She would fart and then burst out laughing which would only make matters worse and she'd fart some more.  You just had to laugh, it was so funny how it amused her.  She was taken ill last Easter and shortly afterwards I saw this stamp set at Whimsey Stamps.  Well, it had to be done.

Mamma passed away 8 weeks after becoming ill and I miss her every day.  This may seem like a really odd tribute but anyone that ever knew her would know that she would have loved it.  

Here's the real deal on her 100th birthday with me and my sisters. Awesome is not a big enough word to describe her.

It's been a long post and I hope you understand why I posted it.  Please join in with your humorous cards as a laugh is never out of place or unwelcome.

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x


  1. a hilarious card, teamie!

    hugs and kisses from germany

  2. lovely to read about why you chose this fun image, what great memories you must have.

  3. Oh, Dawn, your card is just wonderful! I love it and also love your post telling us about your adorable grandmother. My mother (God rest her soul) was very much like that and just called it her "earthy sense of humor." So, thank you for making me smile and get a good chuckle out of your memories and mine as well. Hugs!!

  4. Your Mamma B sounded fabulous and what a sense of humor it sounds like she had!! I love this card and I bet she would too! Sadly, we lost my MIL on Thanksgiving at age 95 so she lived a very long life too. xo

  5. A super card Dawn, such a fun image and sentiment.
    My Mother lives with my family and my boys find it hilarious when she has wind, she sounds very similar to your Grandma.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  6. LOL! Oh what a fun card Dawn, I love that image and the beautiful color combo! Awesome picture, I bet you have so many wonderful memories of your Grandma.
    Tammy x

  7. Fantastic fun card, she sounds like my nan, she had such a wonderful sense of humour, we had so much laughter with her. Emmax

  8. Dawn - what a great card! She looks like she was person who loved to laugh because she had such a happy smile! :)

  9. Dawn, she sounds like a woman who enjoyed a good laugh, I'm sure she would have found this stamp very funny! Jenny x

  10. Oh Dawn, your Mamma B sounds like a lot of fun. I just love your funny card and bet she would have laughed her head off seeing it. My thoughts to you and your family. Thanks for sharing a wonderful memory :)

  11. Love your card Dawn, the sentiment and image made me chuckle! What a lovely story about your Grandma.
    Janice x

  12. Wonderful tribute to such a charming and funny lady!