Friday, 11 February 2022

Winter, brrr or grrr

 So I'm running behind with my DT projects this week and to top things off we are two short in the office and I ended up doing extra hours tonight to finish a project.  I'm on my own tomorrow (congratulations to Jade on your Graduation) so I know I've got to finish a card today.  We have W for Winter over at The Alphabet Challenge and I have been planning a lovely card with a digistamp of a robin on it.  Well, I got home and decided that I didn't have enough time to colour an image so I would cut something on my cricut.

Well, after several failed attempts and a codging together of some glitter paper, I may as well have coloured the image.

I wish I had matted the layers and I wish I had a brighter backing paper but, considering the frustration I've had  I'm OK with the result.  I'll take another look when I've had a gin and I'm sure I will be much happier.

Please pop over and inspire us with your winter cards.

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x


  1. Oh, Dawn, you always make me smile! I absolutely love your card just the way it is! Hope you can enjoy your craft room a bit more this weekend - and please color that robin for me!

  2. Love the icy feel that the glitter card gives your beautiful design and card,we have ice, and snow lying today. Great descriptive post that made me smile

  3. Oh I have days like that too! Love the sparkle on this xx

  4. Lovely wintery scene, i bet when the light hits the glitter card it really comes to life. It always seems to go wrong when we want to craft in a hurry. Emmax

  5. Tranquilly beautiful design. Winter is still going (very!) strong around these Western Canadian parts as we work our way through another cold snap. Thankfully they're only calling for temps around -16 - 20C, so really not too bad at all. Plus, the calendar alone tells us that spring is rounding the corner again so that makes these bone chilling days easier to plow through.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life