Tuesday 24 August 2021

Curly Wirly

 I am totally obsessed with pigs at the moment. Totally obsessed! I blame lockdown.  During the first one my hubby and I discovered a brilliant fun page on Facebook.  Check out Alan B Grylls if you want a soap opera with felt animals.  Be aware of the adult humour.  Anyway, we discovered a whole community of like minded idiots and dived down that rabbit hole when I bought my hubby an Alan the Pig for Christmas.

This is Alan Parr and his girlfriend Sakura helping us put the tent up at a recent festival. My other half has built him a narrow boat to live on.  Apart from the space it occupies in my little craft room it's kept him out of mischief all year.

Where can this possibly be leading to, I hear you ask.  Well, today's challenge at Cardz4guyz is 'Things with Tails'.  Sorry, but there was only one animal I could possibly feature.

The image is from Pernilla Nilsson on Facebook and I love it.  The curly tail was a bit fiddly to cut out but I had to do it.  There is a birthday card swap on amongst the other Pig obsessives (the originals are a Christmas ornament, complete with tutu and crown,  from Gisella Graham) so this will go to whomever I'm paired with. They will, no doubt, have their own little Alan the Pig, or possibly a Steve.  Steve is a penguin.  Honestly, he is!

Thanks for reading

Love Dawn x


  1. Your story made me laugh,love your piggy card

  2. That piggy...adorable with the curly wirly tail!! Perfect for our "things with tails" challenge over at Cardz 4 Guyz!! You have offered great inspiration to all those who decide to play along with us.

  3. This post started my Tuesday off on the right foot - with a giant grin on my face! Thank you! The card is brilliant and you get the fussy cutting award for the month with this fiddly piece! Take care!
    Hugs - Rachelle : )

  4. Really lovely adorable card. Anesha x

  5. Fantastic fun card, love his little tail. My brothers pigs have just farrowed so lots of cute piglets running around the place:-) Emmax

  6. Such a cheery post. Love the passion for piggies that you and your DH share. They've always been one of my favourite critters as well and I harbour major dreams of keeping one (or more) as a pet at some point in my life. Chances are that may not be feasible, but at least, as you have highlighted wonderfully here, we can always whip up a cute curly tailed friend in our craft room. :)

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life