Friday, 31 July 2020

This is why I holiday at home

Alternative title - My Tropical Nightmare!

Well, if yesterday's card went perfectly today's has more than made up for it.  The Alphabet Challenge has come to 'I for Island Fun - anything tropical'.  Fun, she says! That definitely got lost in translation whilst making this card.  I have very little in the tropical line so I went shopping (shh, don't tell my other half) and bought a My Favourite Things stamp set from Seven Hills Crafts.  It had palm trees. It had flamingos.  It was just what I needed.  

So, I started by creating a lovely sunset using distress inks blended over a circle mask.  Well, 'lovely' may be stretching it.  It went straight in the bin.  I umm'd and arrr'd a bit and finally gave up and cut a circle from some backing paper.  I had a couple of goes at creating my island from some sandy paper with some more distress ink.  Then I came to stamping my images. I don't have a lot of coloured stamping inks so I dug out my mum's old watercolour markers and used them to stamp my palm tree and my flamingo.  They didn't work great but they didn't look totally rubbish either.  I cut everything out carefully and set about sticking my scene together and stamped the flamingo's legs where I wanted them.  I totally forgot to remove the flamingo and promptly ruined it with black ink.  Ok, that followed the sunset into the bin.  I stamped a new flamingo - which turned out to be different from the one I'd previously stamped and was facing the wrong way.  That also went in the bin.  Anyway, here is the result.  

I did fling a bit of sparkle pen at it to try and make it more appealing but you can't really see it on the picture.  Looking at it now I sort of like the effect the markers have on the stamp.  It adds a bit of texture.  Anyway, now it's your turn.  I'll be back to check the entries later.  I've got to go and empty the bin!

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x


  1. Well it looks good to me, wouldn't mind sitting their right now...glad you persevered - wonderful scene. Emmax

  2. Dawn, you never fail to make me laugh! Your card is wonderful, but I feel your pain at the creative process. Sometimes it comes easy and other times just makes me want to cry! My mantra is "it's only paper" to help me through those times. Have a great weekend!

  3. Your card might have been a bit of a trial to create Dawn but it turned out wonderfully.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  4. Had to laugh at your narrative Dawn, all worth it in the end a beautiful card

  5. OMGoodness! You have provided my first genuine laugh for the week! Sorry that it wasn't quick & easy for you...I never would have known because this card is beautiful! I love the CAS design and your coloring is really spot on! Hopefully the crafting Gods will be with you this week!
    Hugs - Rachelle : )

  6. Well, I'm relieved you got this awesome card even though it took you a few tries :). I do love how this one came out.

  7. Your card making "adventures" are so fun to read! And you always end up with a great and inspiring card.

  8. Love your tropical card Dawn, a lovely little scene!
    Janice x

  9. Oh I had to laugh too, I'm so sorry this card gave you trouble, but it turned out beautiful! I love the gorgeous scene you created!
    Tammy x

  10. Dawn, I'm so sorry but your story did make me chuckle, I hope you have recovered from the stress of your tropical nightmare! I love how your card turned out though, the end result was worth it for sure! Jenny xx