Thursday 16 June 2022

Watch the birdie

 Ok, so I'm seriously off the ball this week.  Sorry that this one's a day late. Better late than never though.  We are looking for 'things with wings' this month over at Sparkles Monthly Challenge

Now call me biased if you like but my husband is awesome!  Recently, on a trip to a local garden centre, I called into Crafter's Companion which is in the same building.  I was browsing all the beautiful things that I definitely didn't need when he called me over.  He'd found the bargain clearance section and had found me two stamp sets that were so far up my street I had to have them.  However, the sets were on 3 for a tenner.  I probably wouldn't have looked at this one otherwise.  He picked it out and said he thought it would look lovely on a card.  He wasn't wrong.  I had so much fun colouring it too.  No you can't have him, he's married to me!

Thanks for reading.

Love Dawn x


  1. Stunning card with a beautifully coloured stamped image, your hubby is a gem,mine hated shopping even for himself

  2. Beautiful card and beautifully colouredx